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Water bath B250

 Water bath B250


             В250 water bath is designed for spreading the paraffin sections of tissue samples obtained on microtomes in water, which accelerates and improve qualitatively the process of preparation of tissue samples for microscopic examination.

Area of application

Histological, pathological, morphological, chemical, bacteriological and forensic laboratories. 


Water bath B250 - front view                                                Water bath B250 - back view


Technical characteristics water bath B250

Working temperature of heating of water, °C


Monitoring and temperature maintenance


Time of an output for a mode no more, min


Discretization of installation of temperature, °C


Error of maintenance of temperature


Working volume of ml.


Overall dimensions, mm


Weight net, kg.


Delivery package


The delivery package includes:


- В250 water bath, pcs.                   1

- lid, pcs.                                       1

- power cable, pcs.                         1

- Operation manual, copies              1


The water bath is designed as an integral unit. The working container is on top, the front panel locates a power on/off key, function keys and a temperature display indicator. The rear panel locates fuses, power connector, and the manufacturer's plate. The electronic control unit and the power section are located inside the device body.


The preset temperature value is stored in nonvolatile memory when the product is disconnected from the network, which saves the user from setting the temperature before each switch-on.







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